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About This Play/Drill

I got this drill from Dr. Hal Wissel, former assistant coach to Hubie Brown with the Memphis Grizzlies.  He uses it at his Shoot it Better mini camps.  It is very similar to the Navy Shooting drill Bert DeSalvo shared with Fastmodel http://www.fastmodelsports.com/library/basketball/fastdraw/1567/play-Navy-Shooting

This drill will show the shooter when their mechanics are perfect.  After focusing on a target as small as the point of the backboard, the rim seems much larger.  

Dr. Wissel believes in doing this 100 times per day.  I have my players shoot 10 perfect shots before moving on to the next drill.  

  • Basketball Play - Point of Board Shooting

Players take one to two steps away from the backboard. Players line their toe up with the point of the back board. A right handed shooter would line their right foot up at a 45 degree angle from the side of the backboard to be in alignment with the point of the board. Align the shooting hand to the forward foot. Shots that are perfect will return to the hand that is raised for the follow through. If the ball bounces to the side, the player has pushed the ball in that direction or twisted their wrist instead of snapping it straight. If the ball returns high or low then the player did not have optimal arc on their shot.