Broncos Triple - FastModel Sports

Published 02/22/2014 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Coach Kerry Keating showed the diversity of the Broncos offensive sets in their game against BYU.

This nice triple stagger screen action gives the PG a chance to really read what the best option is as the STS action sets up a post-up situation on either side of the floor.


  • Basketball Play - Broncos Triple
  • Basketball Play - Broncos Triple
  • 3 (Brownridge - 23) executes a DHO with 1 (Richard - 5) on the wing

    2 (Clark - 3) moves into the lane to set his screen

    *the play begins with the shooter handling the ball and initiating the offense
  • 3 (Brownridge - 23) runs off the baseline triple stagger screen set by 5 (Atanga- 44), 2 (Clark - 3) & 4 (McArthur - 25)

    2 (Clark - 3) runs off the single screen

    1 (Richard - 5) reading that the defense is concentrating on the screen action, penetrates hard to the ring