21/Pistol Flex Entry - FastModel Sports

Published 07/05/2017 by Dave Nedbalek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a disguised entry into 21. Defense is about positioning so getting any defense out of the position they are familar guarding an action out of automatically begins putting them to the test. 

This is only the entry into the 21 offense. If you have not seen that yet I recommend checking out my diagram of it here


I will be uploading a couple wrinkles from this because I think the misdirection to isolatin for the 5 man is reallly stinking good here with everyone perimeter weakside it really gives you some freedowm to exploit here. I will upload a version of how to get any position on your floor seamlessly into the post position for this action as a set but this itself is simply the Flex entry into 21. 

  • Basketball Play - 21/Pistol Flex Entry
  • Basketball Play - 21/Pistol Flex Entry
  • Basketball Play - 21/Pistol Flex Entry
  • 1 will dribble 4 under here. 4 - go ahead and take your wing position to open the floor up
    Our first look is 2 under the rim for a layup off of 5's screen. You can also post him up here in the lane if you have a size mismatch
  • On 2's catch he wants to pivot to see the rim. 
    When 2 makes eye contact with 3 he goes backdoor. 3 should sell this stepping towards 2 and then planting and going. Take the path of less resistence, if ballside is open take that if the defense is in deny take the weakside cut and get into the defenders line to the rim for a possible lob
  • The offense begins here