Ball Screen Sets - Horns Double - FastModel Sports

Published 05/04/2017 by Doug Brotherton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

"Horns Double" is another wrinkle off of the basic "Horns Action." The set creates multiple actions, behind the ball screen. With the post player defending the ball screen, the help is eliminated on the weak side double stagger screen. If the defense recovers, the play ends with a Flare screen for the 4. This set requires the defense to have perfect switches and/or a perfect scramble rotation. As we see, throughout the history of basketball, great offense has an advantage over great defense. This set creates those advantages.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Sets - Horns Double
  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Sets - Horns Double
  • 4 and 5 set a high ball screen

    1 goes off of either screen

  • After the ball screen, 5 and 4 set a double stagger for 2

    1 passes to 2

    5 then sets a flare screen for 4

    2 passes to 4

    4 has a shot, or post feed to 5