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About This Play/Drill

When building your playbook for next season, we want to give you some things to consider. For example, do your sets have anything that make them easy to scout? Do they all start from different formations? Is it difficult to flow from the base offense, into the sets? Do they all use the same action? Do the sets lack versatility? These are all challenges, which coaches must consider, and do not realize until they face the best teams on their schedule. The "Elbow Series" below is an example of some sets that check all of the necessary boxes, which make them a solid addition to your playbook.

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  • Basketball Play - Elbow Chase
  • Basketball Play - Elbow Chase
  • Basketball Play - Elbow Chase
  • Basketball Play - Elbow Chase
  • Box formation

    Guards split to the wing

    Bigs lift up the lane line to the Elbow

    1 passes to 2

  • 5 sets up to screen

    1 fakes a UCLA cut, snaps back to the ball

    2 passes to 1
  • 3 cuts to the opposite corner

    4 and 5 screen for 2

    2 Iverson Cuts to the opposite wing

    1 passes to 2

    *** 2 looks for the three-point shot
  • If 2 does not shoot it...

    1 spaces away to the opposite wing

    4 sets a cross screen for 5

    5 cuts UNDER the screen (sets up high/low)

    2 passes to 5

    If 5 is not open, 4 cuts back to the ball

    2 passes to 4

    4 looks for the high low to 5