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Published 02/28/2013 by Mark Travis Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

When you have a versatile shooting guard like Markel Brown that can effectively score on the wing and in the paint, forcing an isolated defender to make a choice on how to guard him before he even catches the ball can be a good way to get an easy bucket. Look how Travis Ford got Brown isolated on one side of the floor with this double high screen and roll action and how it gets Brown an open lane to the rim.

  • Basketball Play - Poke WS Lob
  • Basketball Play - Poke WS Lob
  • The play starts with just one player on the weakside: Markel Brown in the weakside corner. Philip Jurick and Michael Cobbins both step up above the three-point line to set a double screen for Marcus Smart. Jurick makes contact on his screen, forcing a hard hedge, while Cobbins slips his pick and rolls to the left block.

  • By the time Smart's man has recovered to him, he has already made it to the right wing. Smart has the option of turning the corner and attacking here, but if the defense chooses to overplay the pass to Brown in the corner, he gives them a hard jab towards Smart and makes a swift cut backdoor for a lob. Because the two bigs were pulled away from the rim by the high screens, they aren't in proper help position and the talented Smart is able to make the pass to the super athletic Brown.