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About This Play/Drill

ETSU is coached by Murray Bartow who at a young age learned his trade as the son of Gene Bartow and also having worked for Bobby Knight.

He last led ETSU to the NCAA Tournament in 2010 and this is a good set play they ran in their game against USC Upstate for post entry or a quick 3.

  • Basketball Play - ETSU Elbow Set
  • Basketball Play - ETSU Elbow Set
  • Basketball Play - ETSU Elbow Set
  • ETSU Opening Play vs USC Upstate


    Jones (2) cuts over the top of Harris (20) to the weak side


    Wilson (15) rubs off Harris (20) and receives the entry pass from McClain (1)


    McClain (1) goes behind the pass to the ball side corner

  • Wilson (15) looks to feed Harris (20) who has dropped down from the elbow into the ball side block looking to seal his defender


    When no post entry pass is free on the initial cut:


    Wilson (15) reverses the ball to Gadsen-Gilliard (35) who pops to the top of the key - Hi / Lo option with Harris (20)

  • When Gadsen-Gilliard (35) has no Hi / Lo pass he throws the ball to Jones (2) on the wing


    Harris (20) moves with the ball in the post looking for an entry pass from the wing


    Wilson (15) & Gadsen-Gilliard (35) move to set a double staggered screen for MClain (1) who comes off looking to catch & shoot