Dr. Dish Power Dribble DHO Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 06/10/2016 by Aseem Rastogi Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Simplified version of power dribble shooting previously posted. Focuses on getting the ball out of the corners with a protected power dribble.

  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Power Dribble DHO Drill
  • Basketball Play - Dr. Dish Power Dribble DHO Drill
  • Location: 2 or 18

    Number of Balls: Unlimited

    Tempo: 4


    Line of players in the corner, line of players at the top.


    First player in line at the corner receives the ball from the Dr. Dish and shoots it. They then receive another ball.


    The player will reverse pivot and power dribble to the wing.


    While they are power dribbling, the first player in the top line will fill the wing and receive the dribble handoff.


  • After the DHO, the receiver uses the screen and comes tight down for a 1 dribble pull up.


    The roller will short roll to the elbow for a pass from a coach/manager who is standing next to the dish.


    Switch sides after specified number of makes, time, percentage, etc.