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About This Play/Drill

Great BLOB we used at VCU to get a layup looks for our best scorer. Often times leads to a guard/wing backscreen opportunity that may yield a switch or miscommunication.

  • Basketball Play - Baseline Slide
  • Basketball Play - Baseline Slide
  • Basketball Play - Baseline Slide
  • M2M BLOB

    Start in box alignment with your wings the weak side, posts on the ball side. Your best passer should take the ball out.


    4 and 5 set cross screens for 2 and 3.


    2 curls baseline side and looks for a pass from 1 before relocating AROUND 4 to the weakside wing.


    3 fakes as if she is taking the screen from 4, and then goes around the screen from 5, also.


    1 passes the ball to 3, who is on the ball-side wing.

  • 4 downscreens for 5 in the lane, 5 fills the top spot. 4 should flash for the ball if they switch this.


    3 reverses the ball to 2 through 5.

  • After the pass clears 5, 4 shifts up to the slot to get out of the way.


    1 steps in and hunts a backscreen for 3 - really hunt and make contact on this screen!


    2 passes to 3 for the layup.