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About This Play/Drill

This is part of John Leonzo's Solo Summer Shooting Workout. I recommend making no fewer than 200 shots a day, 6 days a week. Be sure to remind your players that there is no magic in the drills, in the facility, or in the coach that is with them, the magic is in the work. Improvement has a knack for following consistent work ethic and persistence.

  • Basketball Play - Box Finishes
  • Basketball Play - Box Finishes
  • Begin standing on the block facing the elbow. Toss the ball out to the elbow and chase the pass. Catch the ball on the elbow with your butt facing the baseline. Be sure to catch the ball on 2 feet. Pivot on your outside foot and swing your inside foot back to perform a reverse pivot. Attack the basket.

  • You will repeat the same pattern on the opposite side of the floor. Be sure to alternate each side after every make. The finishes that you will perform are:

    - high off the glass layup

    - inside hand layup

    - power layup

    - reverse layup

    - prohop to layup

    - floater


    Make 6 of each finish. Do not move to the next finish until you have made all 6.