Thumbs Up - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

SLOB into "50"


  • Basketball Play - Thumbs Up
  • Basketball Play - Thumbs Up
  • Basketball Play - Thumbs Up
  • THUMBS UP (even)

    4 inbounds the ball

    5 sets up at front of rim

    2 in far corner

    3 at top of circle or shaded slightly to ball side

    1 on opposite wing


    When official gives ball to 4, 1 flare screens for 3

    5 screens away for 2 (flex like)


    4 has option of:

    long entry to 3 cutting off the flare

    2 cutting into the post

    1 separating from the flare screen

  • Thumbs Up (even)

    4 inbounds to 1 then sprints into pin screen for 2 (can be almost like a baseline stagger if timed well)


    1 looks for 2 coming off the pin screen


    4 immediately posts after screening for 2

  • Thumbs Up (even)

    At the termination point of the SLOB our alignment is set to get into screener/cutter motion.