Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Coach John Calipari is known for his Dribble Drive Offense.  However, with the size and skill that he puts on the floor nigh in and night out he has the ability to take advantage of mismatches early in the possession.  Often overlooked is his ability to create movement before the dribble drive concepts take place.  Below is a nice 1-4 set that he used against Stony Brook that created multiple scoring options as well as opened up driving lanes.

  • Basketball Play - Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger
  • Basketball Play - Kentucky- UCLA Pin Stagger
  • 1 passes to 2 on the wing then cuts off of 4 to the ball side block. 5 steps out as if screening for 3 then dives to the weak side block.

  • After screening, 4 steps out to receive the pass from 2. 2 sets a down screen for 1 who pops to the wing. 4 looks to pass to 1 for a shot or 2 on the duck in.


    If neither option is there, 2 will keep off the double stagger set by 5 and 3 to pop out on other wing.