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About This Play/Drill

Out of the double stack you can run a lot of different plays so it helps to keep the defense honest. It is up to the shooter to determine what side is best for him to come out on for the shot. The shooter can also drive an over close out or shot fake and pull up. Set good screens and read the defense. If the big helps too much on the screen look inside at the post. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season.

  • Basketball Play - Double Stack Low
  • Basketball Play - Double Stack Low
  • 1. 4 cut's to the left block, 3 cuts above the right block.

  • 1. 1 dribbles over, 2 cuts off of 4 & 5's wall screen to the three point line.

    Option 1 - 1 passes to 2 for a three point shot.