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Published 01/08/2016 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Defensive drill to teach sideline push, jumping to the ball, denying passes, helpside positioning, bumping cutters and one-on-one defense. 

  • Basketball Play - Smalls
  • Basketball Play - Smalls
  • Basketball Play - Smalls
  • Inbounds denial, Sideline push, to Give-and-go cut X1 assumes a DENY position against 1 challenging the inbounds pass. When 1 receives the ball, X1 changes to an ON BALL position. If/when 1 dribbles, X1 influences to a sideline checkpoint keeping the ball out of the middle of the floor.


    After crossing halfcourt 1 passes to coach on the wing and makes a basket cut. X1 jumps to the ball and denies any return pass to 1 (front the cut). X1 assumes a post front position when 1 posts up.

  • Post Front to Helpside LOW I

    X1 fronts the post (1). When 1 cuts away, X1 assumes a helpside LOW I position.

    Don't follow the cutter out of the lane!

  • Helpside, STIK, to one-on-one live.

    1 attempts to cut across the face of X1 and get a catch on the nail. X1 denies (STIKS) 1 not letting the cutter cross their face.


    X1 denies out and attempts to force 1 to catch the ball going away from the basket with their back to the rim.


    When 1 receives the ball, X1 goes into sideline push and forces dribble to a sideline checkpoint. Offensive player has a two dribble max in one-on-one live situation.