200 Point Shooting - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a great partner shooting drill you can use to foster competition and get a lot of shots up. Any number of players can participate depending on time available and records can be kept for total points as well as wins and losses.  

A very good drill to end a difficult practice with since players will get a lot of shots up while tired.

  • Basketball Play - 200 Point Shooting

1) Use each of the 7 shooting areas.

2) Each player takes 3 shots from each area - 3pt shot (behind arc), 2pt shot (10-15 feet), and a drive for a layup (1pt). Total of 6 possible pts at each spot.

3) Shoot at all 7 spots (42 possible points), then each player shoots 8 free throws, leaving 50 possible points for that quarter (each round is 1 quarter).

4) Keep score for 4 quarters (200 possible points) and determine a winner.

* Can also play 2 halves for 100 points