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Plays and Drills from Fabian McKenzie, Head Women's Basketball Coach at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia.

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Coach McKenzie has been a head coach at the university level for 17 years, and has been involved as a coach at this level for 20 years. He has been involved with the Canadian Women's National team program for the past 9 years.

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Basketball Play - Spanish Rebounding Drill

Spanish Rebounding Drill

Fabian McKenzie 09/03/2015

This is a good rebounding drill that works on technique but also gets competitive and emphasizes effort on the glass. You can load this drill in many different ways. You can put points in the drill. 1 point for defensive rebound and 2 points for an offensive rebound. Have one team play for 2-3 minutes on defense then switch and keep track of points You can also have the rebounders play live. If offense gets it they play at that rim, if defense gets it they can play full court 1 on 1 See More

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