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Mike Shaughnessy is a Player Development Coach for Dr1ven Training LLC. Mike has coached and worked with thousands of players ranging from the NBA all the way down to the youth level. Mike has been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the best coaches/trainers in the country such as, Damin Altizer (Dr1ven Training), Micah Lancaster (I'mPossible Training), Rob Kurzinsky (Head Men's Basketball Coach at Kean University), and the Duke Men's Basketball staff to name a few. 

         Mike was born and raised in the south jersey area right on the mainland close to Atlantic City and Ocean City. Mike went to high school at St. Augustine Prep having played for Coach Paul Rodio for 2 years before finishing his high school career graduating from Mainland Regional High School in 2009. Mike went on to play at Division III Kean University (Union, NJ) and started at the point guard position for 4 years (2009-13). He ended up being 3rd all-time in assists in the program's history. 

           With a semester left to graduate, Mike joined the men's basketball coaching staff as a student assistant. His duties consisted of being the director of player development along with practice planning, scouting, and game planning. After graduating in the spring of 2014, Mike spent the year back at his alma mater where he started up his elite skills training, LabWork Basketball, and was the assistant varsity coach/head jv coach for the girls basketball team winning the regular season conference championship in 2015. This past year Mike returned to the college ranks as the Associate Head Coach for the men's basketball team at Kean University. His responsibilities expanded as he was the director of player development and recruiting coordinator along with handling game planning, scouting, practice planning, film editing, team film breakdowns, and the offensive schemes. Mike is a Gold Licensed Coach with USA Basketball Youth Development.

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Basketball Play - Situational 3v3

Situational 3v3

Mike Shaughnessy 07/08/2018

Here are some of the situational 3v3 games I use with players to put them in different spots on the floor and in different actions. These situations are designed to develop players' decision making with and without the basketball on offense, and develop a player's understanding of defensive rotations and guarding common actions at the high school/college level. Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Out Jump Stop & Kick

5 Out Jump Stop & Kick

Mike Shaughnessy 11/10/2017

All 4 players with the ball are driving. 2 bounces to the box coming to a jump stop on 2 feet. Players will pivot to where they are passing and snap the pass to the next person in line and rotate to the line they pass to. 5 in the corner will throw the drift pass being the only one that does not come to a jump stop (Stride Pass). See More

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Basketball Play - Around the Horn 3v3

Around the Horn 3v3

Mike Shaughnessy 11/10/2017

This is a great way to get into 3v3 as all 6 players move the ball around the horn before getting into live play. This forces the defense to sprint into closeouts, and the offense to reverse the ball quicker than the defense can get to its match up. 2 ways to play: - Offense scores, stay on O. - Defense has to get 3 stops in a row. See More

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Basketball Play - Drift Pass Progression Drills

Drift Pass Progression Drills

Mike Shaughnessy 06/09/2017

A drift pass is made from a baseline drive or catch where you force rotation from the defense. Teammates should be spaced in the opposite corner or slot. If they are not in position as the catch or drive occurs, then it is his or her responsibility to move to those spots as an outlet for their teammate. Baseline drives either force defense to rotate with the help defender covering down on the big or the defense begins to ball watch losing sight of their match up and being late on the closeout. See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova Pressure Release & Finish Drill

Villanova Pressure Release & Finish Drill

Mike Shaughnessy 06/05/2017

Villanova is known for being a very fundamentally sound basketball team. They do a tremendous job of valuing the ball (1.4 Asst./TO Ratio) and finish around the rim at a high percentage (66% avg. past 2 years). This is a drill that the men's basketball team does in practice throughout the year to work on getting open versus pressure, working on their triple threat (pivots, jabs), and finishing strong around the basket. See More

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