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A native of Linwood, New Jersey, Mike Shaughnessy continues to rise as one of the best young coaches in the south jersey area. Mike has already been a top men's assistant of two college programs, Kean University and currently Stockton University. Along with coaching at the collegiate level, Mike has also coached at the high school and youth levels in years past. He is now a professional skills coach for Dr1ven Training working with players of all levels throughout the world.

Player development is where Mike got his start in the coaching profession, being the player development coach for the men's basketball team at Kean University a year after graduating from the university.  He later became the owner of a training business named LabWork Basketball working with players in the south jersey area. After two years of running training sessions locally through LabWork, Mike partnered with Dr1ven Training to expand his outreach to work with players throughout the east coast and internationally. He has become the most sought after trainer in south jersey working with some of best in the area including, Dennis Horner (pro), Gene Teague (pro), Sa'eed Nelson (American U), Junior Saintel (Stony Brook/Pro), Marlon Hargis (Holy Cross), and Kylee Watson (ESPN 2020 #2 Overall). 

Mike has been fortunate to learn from his mentors who are some of the best in their professions; Mike Gatley (former D1 assistant, DIII head coach, Athletic Director), Scott Bittner (Stockton U men's head coach), and Damin Altizer (Owner/Founder Dr1ven Training). He has been able to share his knowledge for the game throughout China working with the national teams along with various camps such as Duke Men's Basketball Camp, Dr1ven NEXT Project, and EGT Live. Mike's intense, detailed workouts have drawn interest from thousands of players who are immersed in an hard working atmosphere that helps them maximize their potential.

Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content!

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Basketball Play - Angle 3v3 Drill

Angle 3v3 Drill

Michael Shaughnessy 10/23/2018

Angle 3v3 Advantage/Disadvantage 3v3 putting the offense in a position to make a quick decision out of drive and kick while making the defense provide great helpside defense to contain the offense. Description: Player 1 starts the drill once they make their movement downhill. Player x1 can't move to try and recover until player 1 starts their movement. Rules: Player 1 has to attempt to get downhill through the elbow. Player's 2 & 3 have to relocate once player 1 attacks downhill. (* If 1 passes early before the elbow [kick ahead], player in the strong side corner can hold the spot being shot ready). If the ball sticks and movement becomes stagnant, it will result in a turnover for the offense. Hold players accountable to re-space with urgency after a drive and kick-out. Goals: Play drive & kick game until the 3 players on offense are able to creat a rhythm shot, downhill drive to the rim, or a one more pass for a catch and shoot. Score it, you keep it. Play to a certain amount of points or time. See More

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Basketball Play - Drift Kickout 1v1

Drift Kickout 1v1

Michael Shaughnessy 10/08/2018

The biggest trend in player development these days in adding in the decision making component where players develop being able to make decisions before they catch the basketball. I have been using BDT in my workouts this fall and you can see where players struggle to be decisive. In this 1v1 drill, we put the player in a game situation relocating to receive a pass from a weak side drive. The player only has 2 options; catch and shoot or attack the closeout ensuring they have to be shot ready on the catch. The players are given a 3-dribble maximum to hold them accountable to use the bounce with a purpose. Over time, you start to see players become more comfortable making a decision before the catch. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Run Out Shooting 1v1

Run Out Shooting 1v1

Michael Shaughnessy 09/13/2018

Drill Description - Player 1 starts with the ball at the free throw line. - Player 2 starts parallel with player 1 spaced out free throw line extended. - The drill is initiated with player 1 passing the ball to coach. - Once the ball is pass to coach, player 1 is sprinting below the cone to try and run player 2 off the 3 point line preventing them from a rhythm 3. - As the ball is passed, player 2 is drifting to the corner being shot ready. - The ONLY shot the player can shoot is a catch & shoot 3 - If the player makes the shot, they stay on offense. - First player to make 4 3's. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 NBA Shooting Drills

5 NBA Shooting Drills

Michael Shaughnessy 09/12/2018

Here are 5 of my favorite shooting drills that I like to use in workouts with my players. They are challenging, competitive, and fun helping players become more efficient shooters. Try them out! Click here for more player development drills from Mike Shaughnessy Mike Shaughnessy x FastModel Sports - Twitter Takeover See More

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Basketball Play - Free Play Game

Free Play Game

Michael Shaughnessy 08/27/2018

This is a great drill/workout to use for individual training. I have used this countless times with players and it keeps them engaged and having fun. It challenges them by putting them in various situations where they are forced to make shots and free throws when it counts. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Run Out Shooting 1v1

Run Out Shooting 1v1

Michael Shaughnessy 08/27/2018

Having players that can knock down shots is obviously a huge advantage for any team. The more players a team has that are high percentage shooters, the better that team will be on the offensive end of the floor. It's not just about making the shots when they are wide open, but also being able to make shots without being distracted by a defender attempting to run a shooter off the 3pt line. This drill is a great way to add that defensive element to make your shooting drills more game-like for players. Emphasize focus on the basket and not thinking twice with a defender closing out. Give it a try! Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content! See More

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Basketball Play - Go Gets: Shot, Go, Pass

Go Gets: Shot, Go, Pass

Michael Shaughnessy 08/21/2018

Here is a progression to my last post call "Go Gets". This drill adds in verbal or non-verbal communication forcing the players to be shot ready before catching the ball and have to react quickly within sustaining the correct habits. This also adds different actions working on passing and re-spacing on kick outs into different actions. It's a great way to have fun and challenge your players through just playing basketball (pass, move, drive, finish, shoot). Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content! See More

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Basketball Play - Advance Pass Closeouts

Advance Pass Closeouts

Michael Shaughnessy 08/17/2018

Here is a 1v1 drill that I use to put a sense of urgency on all of the players involved. It develops our guards to get in a habit of advancing the ball over half court with the pass, sprint to the corner in transition, and defensively sprint back to the paint before fanning out to their match up. Take a look and hopefully it is something that you can add to your workouts or practices for your players. See More

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