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Basketball Play - Detroit Pistons - EOG SLOB "Box STS"

Detroit Pistons - EOG SLOB "Box STS"

Ryan Nguyen 07/02/2017

With 2.8 seconds left in the 4th quarter and the Detroit Pistons trailing 91-92, they (Bob Beyer) ran this EOG SLOB action to get Henry Ellenson a 3-point shot in their game against the OKC Thunder at the 2017 Orlando NBA Summer League. The Screen-the-Screener action is decoy/misdirection to free Ellenson on the down-screen action. See More

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Basketball Play - Spain (W) - "Head Tap"

Spain (W) - "Head Tap"

Ryan Nguyen 06/26/2017

4 pops out for a catch from 1. 4/2 DHO. 5 screens down for 3. 2 passes to 3. 3 attacks to basket on catch. 4 sets flare screen for 2. 2 comes off of flare looking for shot. 4 pops out after screen. 4 passes to 2 and follows into ball-screen. 2 comes off screen. 4 rolls to the basket. 2 passes to 4. Option 2: 3 passes to 1. 5 comes up to set a step-up ball-screen for 1. 1 comes off hard to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - France (W) - AI Double Spain

France (W) - AI Double Spain

Ryan Nguyen 06/26/2017

France ran this "Spain" pick & roll action against Spain in the Finals of the FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. 2 makes an Iverson cut to the right wing then pass back to 1. 4 & 5 set a double ball-screen for 1. As 1 comes off of the ball-screen from 4, 2 sets a back-screen for 4. 4 cuts to the basket and 2 pops out after screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Hungary (W) - Chin

Hungary (W) - Chin

Ryan Nguyen 06/19/2017

"Chin" action from Hungary ran at FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. Initial look is for 5 to hit 1 for a lob off of the back-screen ("Chin") action. If the lob is denied, 1 & 3 cross underneath and 1 exits to the wing off of 5's down-screen for a catch from 4. As 1 catches the ball, 3 sets a weak-side flare screen for 4. 4 flares away to wing looking for a shot. If the flare is denied, 3 pops out to top for a catch from 1. 5 runs into a middle ball-screen for 2. 1, 2 & 4 space out to give a spread look. See More

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Basketball Play - Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Ryan Nguyen 06/17/2017

Russia ran this middle pick-&-roll action against Belgium in their second game at FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. The slice (shuffle screen) and screen-the-screener action is decoy to force the defense to move before getting into a middle pick-&-roll attack. As soon as 1 catches the ball from 2 up top, 5 turns around and sprint immediately into a ball-screen. As 5 rolls to the basket 2 "shakes" behind to create a single-side bump. 1 has option of passing to 5 rolling or 2 lifting behind for shot. If X5 is late recovering, 5 rolls into a post-up and receives the post feed from 2 (off of the triangle passing from 1). Another option is to have 4 "short" the pick-&-roll if X5 hard hedges. See More

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