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Basketball Play - Celtics Pitch Flex Lob

Celtics Pitch Flex Lob

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

Brad Stevens uses Isaiah Thomas as a screener frequently because of the extra attention the Celtics' top scorer receives. A common screen-the-screener action is the Flex set up, where Thomas would come off a down screen after setting the Flex. Instead, he sets a back screen here after the flex, with the rim unguarded on the flex overload for an easy alley oop opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - Suns Pitch Flex

Suns Pitch Flex

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

Flex is a very common action in all levels, high school to NBA. At the highest levels, if a team wants optimal posting position off a flex screen, they must disguise that a flex screen is coming by running false movement early in the set. Jeff Hornacek did this with the Suns, mixing it in with his pitch offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Wolves 23 Flex Clear

Wolves 23 Flex Clear

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

With a player like Andrew Wiggins that can score inside and out, Wolves coach Sam Mitchell got creative last season with how he used Wiggins in flex situations. 23 Flex Clear is an action that can utilize Wiggins as a screener or as the post-up option in the wing. He either comes off a flex screen into a post isolation situation, or he can set a flex screen for another wing and then come off a down screen on the opposite side for a jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics Zip Wrap

Boston Celtics Zip Wrap

Adam Spinella 05/11/2016

Brad Stevens and the Celtics dealt with Isaiah Thomas being denied for much of their series against the Atlanta Hawks, and this was one counter that Stevens came up with to utilize Thomas. By having Thomas, who was denied, set a flare screen for Jae Crowder, there was no help defense as Crowder caught the ball uncontested on the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets 2 Off

Houston Rockets 2 Off

Adam Spinella 05/10/2016

For the Houston Rockets who have a star player that is a guard, they often see him be overplayed on the perimeter and denied the basketball for a reversal. All backdoor sets that are effective are counters to previously scouted plays or main sets that a team runs, and the Rockets took that into consideration when running this backdoor clearout for James Harden. Coming out of a chin formation, they send their 4-man thru on the baseline, and then clear out that entire side of the floor for Harden to dart backdoor. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs Shuffle-Stagger

San Antonio Spurs Shuffle-Stagger

Adam Spinella 05/10/2016

The shuffle-stagger is a common action in the NBA and in levels beneath it. The great part of a shuffle-stagger is having a wing post up for an advantage down low, and a shooter coming off a double stagger from the opposite corner to occupy the help defense. The difficulty of a shuffle-stagger action can be finding ways to reverse the ball when the defense knows it is coming and won't let the action develop. Coach Popovich and the Spurs have a strong way to get into the shuffle-stagger, almost out of a Horns formation. See More

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Basketball Play - Mavs 15 Down

Mavs 15 Down

Adam Spinella 05/08/2016

Rick Carlisle utilizes Dirk Nowitzki as a stretch-shooting big man in a variety of ways. This set has Nowitzki coming off a down screen from the point guard, which is an incredibly difficult action to defend. Defenders of point guards are not used to hedging screens, nor are big men to trailing Nowitzki through them. A switch leaves the ball in Nowitzki's hands with a smaller defender on him, and a big man guarding a point guard on an isolated side of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - SFA 1-4 Clear Backscreen

SFA 1-4 Clear Backscreen

Adam Spinella 04/13/2016

Stephen F. Austin and coach Brad Underwood were very aware of who they were -- they had a great lead guard in Thomas Walkup. By putting the ball in his hands and making a 1-4 high set look like a clearout for him to go to his strong hand, defenses were sucked into reading the action for him. Instead of running a set to clear out on his side, Underwood ran lots of traffic through the lane, getting all four help defenders to stand in the lane at one point. When the chaos cleared, what was left was an empty weak side, a perfect opportunity for a lob at the rim. By using their best shooter as the screener, there was no opportunity for the play to be foiled. See More

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Basketball Play - New Orleans Pelicans - Spin Rev Double

New Orleans Pelicans - Spin Rev Double

Adam Spinella 04/12/2016

The ability to utilize a stretch-shooting big man is paramount in the NBA, and becoming more important in the collegiate and high school games as well. A great counter to teams that will look for the pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop, the Pelicans ran this set to get Anthony Davis a three point opportunity in the corner. They have also run it for Ryan Anderson with great success. The Spin dribble, which triggers the action to begin, allows for perfect timing of the play when Davis arrives in the corner. See More

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