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Basketball Play - Washington Wizards "Special"

Washington Wizards "Special"

Brandon Mullis 09/03/2015

The Washington Wizards were tied with the Orlando Magic with 0.8 seconds remaining last December. After calling a timeout, Coach Randy Wittman drew up this SLOB set designed to get one of his better shooters (not named Bradley Beal) coming off a quick screen and then slice to the corner to clear out the help and the lane area to open up the rim. Beal, the athlete/dunker in this set, simultaneously comes off a screen from a big and then rolls back to the rim for the game winning lob lay in. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Brandon Mullis 08/30/2015

Virginia Tech ran this SLOB set late in the game against Boston College this past season. The shooter was the second man in triple staggered screens/Iverson cut for the wing. The shooter then received a back screen to flare to the corner upon the baseline drive. He was wide open in the corner and knocked down the shot to pull his team within one possession with about 1 minute left to play in regulation. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns ATO Box Clear

Phoenix Suns ATO Box Clear

Brandon Mullis 08/29/2015

On April 2, 2015 of this past season, the Phoenix Suns were down one point with 6.8 seconds remaining on the road at the Golden State Warriors. The Suns ran a brilliant ATO SLOB quick hitting set to clear out the weak side and get an open lay-up for Eric Bledsoe. The Warriors did not switch any of the screens. Instead, the Warriors chased/trailed the screens, allowing the weak side to be cleared out and Bledsoe to curl in for the go-ahead lay-up (however, the Warriors would eventually hit a game winning shot at the buzzer). See More

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Basketball Play - Harvard DHO Iso

Harvard DHO Iso

Brandon Mullis 08/23/2015

Here is a set play ran by Tommy Amaker at Harvard. A slashing wing/guard would be ideal in the "3" spot in this diagram, with your best shooter as your "2" to force the defense to make a choice to take away the drive (and leave an open shot for 2 in the corner) or put a lot of pressure on 3's defender to keep him from getting to the rim in isolation after coming off the ball screen from 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs 54 Power

Spurs 54 Power

Brandon Mullis 08/13/2015

NBA TV recently showed on their "Hardwood Classics" the 2003 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets. In Game 6 late in the 2nd Quarter, the Spurs ran this quick hitter to get a pick and roll action with Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Duncan was able to hit Robinson rolling to the rim for a dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistol 3

Pistol 3

Brandon Mullis 08/01/2015

A variation of the pistol action shared a few weeks ago from the Miami Heat from a few seasons ago. In this action, LeBron James would come off a Chris Bosh ball screen and look to attack the rim. If LeBron could not get to the rim, he would look to hit Bosh popping to the corner/short corner after setting the ball screen. See More

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