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Basketball Play - Serbia - Secondary Pin

Serbia - Secondary Pin

Wes Kosel 06/06/2016

This play is similar to the first one and Serbia likes to use it as a secondary option with 5 moving into a drag screen and the other three players on the left side of the floor. In this option, 1 quickly passes to 2 who looks for 3 on the left wing. If x3 helps middle, 3 may be open for a shot on the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Serbia - Secondary Post Up

Serbia - Secondary Post Up

Wes Kosel 06/06/2016

Serbia likes to run the point guard up the sidelines and to get a quick post they used this spacing pattern with the point guard and center on one side of the floor and 4, 3, and 2 all on the right side of the floor (and spaced on the 3-point line). The spacing makes it hard for the defenders to help in the post and if all of your players are capable 3-point shooters this can be an easy way to get a 1 on 1 look in the post. See More

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Basketball Play - Colorado College - Cyclone

Colorado College - Cyclone

Wes Kosel 06/03/2016

This play, taken from a set we saw from Coach Hoiberg when he was at Iowa State, starts with the point guard pushing the wing into a back-screen for the trailing post. After setting the screen, 3 steps out for a ball-screen and looks to drive with a pick and roll/replace option. See More

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