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Basketball Play - Triple Blob

Triple Blob

Brandon Huntley 12/15/2014

Today's play is a Baseline Out of Bounds set used to get a quick shot off of a triple screen. It is drawn up to get a quick three-pointer for your best shooter or create a mismatch in the post if the defense switches. It is simple enough to be ran at all levels, provided your team can set solid screens See More

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Basketball Play - LA Lakers Horns Set

LA Lakers Horns Set

Brandon Huntley 07/29/2013

This set was ran by the LA Lakers Summer League Team. There are a lot of different options from this play and it is really important for your point guard to make the right decision. I really like how this play opens up the floor on the ball side, but keeps the defenders busy on the weak side. The 1st option is a dibble handoff between the 5 and 3 The 2nd option is a kickout to the 1 and then a Pick & Roll with the 5 to open up three different looks See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Pick & Roll

Stagger Pick & Roll

Brandon Huntley 07/22/2013

Today's play is a Stagger Pick and Roll set used to give your team a few options against the defense. It is very important that your players see the floor as there will be three different options happening at once. Your best shooter should start with the ball at the top of the key. If you have post players who can shoot well from the outside, this play will use them as a decoy to open up the key on the pick and roll. See More

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