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Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Pistol Post

Michigan Wolverines - Pistol Post

Zachary Weir 11/16/2020

Michigan uses this set, designed out of a Pistol Set, to force the defense into guarding quick multiple actions. Michigan forces the defense into giving up a post iso by utilizing the versatile skillset of Teske and a flare screen on the backside. #Top25XsOs: Honorable Mention Teams | Teams 25-21 | Teams 20-16 | Teams 15-11 | Teams 10-6 | Teams 5-1 *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase* See More

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Basketball Play - France - False Drag Pistol

France - False Drag Pistol

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 08/05/2018

France use a false drag screen in early offense to loosen pressure on the PG, who then enters DHO with 3. 5 times the PNR for pistol action (DHO into PNR). 4 clears to the weak side corner and 3 lifts to the wing. 4 also has the option of flare and hammer screens. More from Diccon: The Evolution of Spain PNR in International Basketball See More

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