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Basketball Play - North Carolina - Box Stagger

North Carolina - Box Stagger

Doug Brotherton 03/20/2017

It is amazing to watch the 2017 NCAA Tournament and realize how important basic fundamentals are to the success of the teams. North Carolina ran this great ATO, which got their leading scorer a wide open look. Unfortunately, the pass was too low, and resulted in a lay-up for the other team. That does not diminish the quality of this set, which has a post up option, as well as a shot from a double stagger. North Carolina executed down the stretch, beating Arkansas, to advance to the Sweet 16. See More

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Basketball Play - North Carolina Gate "Slip"

North Carolina Gate "Slip"

Dana Beszczynski 12/15/2016

North Carolina ran this simple Box Set Elevator play against Tennessee the other night. The cross screen in the paint sets up the screener to run through the gate screen at the FT line. As the shooter is ready to come through the gate, the inside screener slips to the basket and receives a perfectly timed pass in the lane for the easy dunk. A great call and adjustment off the Tar Heels regular set play! See More

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