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Basketball Play - Houston Cougars - Shallow Double Drag

Houston Cougars - Shallow Double Drag

Dave Nedbalek 11/18/2020

The Houston Cougars use this set to give their guards double driving gaps and accentuate it with sending them to that gap off a non-traditional double drag screen. The 3 man coming from high to low in order to set this traffic screen puts x3 in a very tough situation depending on ball screen coverage. It simply looks like 3 will slice through and then he will flip his hips into a double drag screen with 4. The set ends in beautiful spacing with room to play on the catch. While Houston's initial action doesn't always result in a basket, the action shifts the defense with hard cuts, body to body screens, and threatening drives. This creates driving lanes where that Cougars will crack by the end of the posession. #Top25XsOs: Honorable Mention Teams | Teams 25-21 | Teams 20-16 | Teams 15-11 | Teams 10-6 | Teams 5-1 *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase* See More

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Basketball Play - Fenerbahce - Double Drag Lob

Fenerbahce - Double Drag Lob

Lason Perkins 11/17/2020

Igor Kokoškov, former NBA coach, is now the head coach of Fenerbahce, the top professional team in Turkey and a powerhouse in the Euroleague. Coach Kokoškov is an #XsOs genius and here is an example from a recent game. Special thanks to the @the_BasketHead Twitter account for posting the video of this play. See More

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Basketball Play - SSG: PNR React Drill

SSG: PNR React Drill

Zachary Weir 10/08/2018

A great drill that combines ball screen reads with a SSG. The offense is put into different ball screen situations all over the court and given an advantage. The goal of the offense is to use the ball screen, find the advantage quickly and score. The fiirst progression is that the offense will get one ball screen and one oppurtunity to score. Progressions: 1. Add the missing defender after a set amount of time. (7 seconds) and play it live. 2. Change PnR coverage to work on all situations. (Soft hedge, Blitz, Switch, Hard Hedge, etc..) See More

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