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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies "Blind Pig"

Memphis Grizzlies "Blind Pig"

Gibson Pyper 05/14/2015

Struggling to score against Golden State in Game 5, Dave Joerger called a timeout and setup a nice "Blind Pig" set to get an easy score. Knowing that Golden State was playing aggressive and overhelping on any screen that a guard cut off of, he had Gasol flash to the high post after Conley exited the screen and received the ball. After he caught the ball, Conley cut backdoor with his man on the high side, and Gasol hit him with a nice backdoor pass for a floater. See More

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Basketball Play - OU


Rory Hamilton 07/18/2017

Here is an excellent sideline out of bounds I've seen coach Sherri Coale run over the years. I've added a few of my own wrinkles to it but its a great play with multiple options. Initial set up is a your best shooter at the FT line and best finishing guard around the slot area. Both post players are positioned on the blocks. 3 player times cut and waits for 5 to flash for basketball similar to the blind pig action in the flex offense. The point guard passes to the post player flashing to the elbow and the post immediately looks to hit the 3 man on a backdoor (vs. aggressive defense). If the backdoor is not available, the point guard receives a dribble handoff (DHO) from the post player. After receiving the DHO, the point guard stretches the play out while the 4 man flashes to the block for a potential post pass. The 5 man will then receive a back screen from the shooter for a potential lob pass. 2 shapes up after backscreen and looks for a shot or immediately looks to dribble over and post the mismatch. If the guard cannot get the ball to the post player due to being fronted, then the weakside big flashes to catch and immediately throw a high-low pass into the post. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle #1 - post feed

Triangle #1 - post feed

null null 01/08/2015

This triangle action post feed is a very basic play in the triangle offense. I watched this then took notes. This is the first of 4 basic plays of the offense. This play can be used on any post feed from either side. The Jordan Bulls, and Kobe / Shaq Lakers ran this very well. The 2014-15 Derek Fisher Knicks also use this post entry look. The Steve Kerr Warriors use multiple post entry looks See More

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