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Basketball Play - Weak Hand Dribbling Circuit

Weak Hand Dribbling Circuit

Matt Hackenberg 12/07/2021

In this diagram and embedded video we look at a skill development drill to work on developing a player’s weak hand dribbling. It is an “on air” drill aimed at developing dribbling technique. This drill can be used all the way up to varsity level, but is best suited for youth levels, middle school and sub-varsity. The video explains in more detail. Visit my Sellfy store for detailed coaching materials written by me - Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Zachary Weir 01/09/2020

Ball Screen Shooting drill to get shooting, and passing reps using the actions in a euro ball screen continuity offense or side ball screens. Several different actions and progressions can be implemented into the drill. This is a great drill to set a time and have teams compete as well as get some conditioning. See More

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Basketball Play - SSG: Drive React with DHO

SSG: Drive React with DHO

Zachary Weir 11/12/2019

This is a competitive Small Sided Game that works on both offensive and defensive skills all in one. This ultra competitive SSG that starts with a 1v1 competition and easily progresses to 5v5. The possibilities for progressions are endless. *New customers use code SAVE10 for 10% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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