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Basketball Play - Tenerife - Zipper X Wings SLOB

Tenerife - Zipper X Wings SLOB

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 12/22/2020

Really creative action to attack an even front zone, either 2-1-2 or 2-3. The play starts with Tenerife running the zipper entry into their "Canarias" SLOB. Once they relize they are playing vs zone the play call is changed and the two bigs set double, inside ball screens vs the top of the zone. BCL XsOs Previews: LENOVO TENERIFE HEREDA SAN PABLO BURGOS *New customers use code SAVE10 for 20% OFF* See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Twist

Zipper Twist

Lason Perkins 10/29/2020

Here is a nice counter to the popular zipper fist action that uses a twist screen to change the direction of the ball screen. It can also be used against teams that like to hedge aggressive. *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase:* See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Angle

Zipper Angle

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 05/24/2020

BC Lietuvos Rytas head coach Dainius Adomaitis runs the most efficient ATO plays in the Lithuanian LKL. Rytas also lead the league in PPP (per synergy) on play with the roll man. This play is an excellent way to get into an angle pick-and-roll and blur the defensive responsibilities. the first baseline cut from the 3 empties the paint and then the 4 man cuts behind the help forcing his defender to choose help or his duck-in. See More

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