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Basketball Play - Stars Zone Offense

Stars Zone Offense

Matt Monroe 08/08/2014

Best used vs. 2-3 or 2-1-2 zone #1 passes the ball to #2 #1 cuts through the lane to the ballside corner, #4 flashes high #3 cuts to the nail and then pops up, #2 passes to #3, #4 dumps back down to the block, #2 makes a shallow cut through the lane, #1 fills #2's spot.......Offense reloads on a reversal See More

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Basketball Play - Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

-PG passes to wing -4 steps out to ball side corner -Wing passes to 4 (forward) -Ball side wing screens top of the zone -1replaces wing -4 kicks back to PG -Opposite forward screens the back of the zone -PG looks for the opposite wing for the shot -If the PG does not skip the ball, 4 screens the outside of the zone for 2 to cut through to the ball-side corner -Opposite forward ducks in or flashes -Ball side forward posts/seals deep See More

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Basketball Play - ZONE OFFENSE - QUICK 3


Jens Hakanowitz 05/23/2014

This zone offense works against a 2-3 zone and creates a quick open look from the 3 point line. Your best shooter has to play the 2 position. Almost at the same time, the big man (4) and the guard (3) have to start. A strong drive by the point guard (1) is necessary to draw the help. A perfect timing is crucial for the outcome of this play. See More

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Basketball Play - Connecticut Sun Zone Offense

Connecticut Sun Zone Offense

Daniel Murphy 04/22/2013

This play was run by the Connecticut Sun in the 20012 season. It's a great set against a 2-3 to get your playmaker some space on the wing to shoot or drive against the zone. If you can get the timing of frame 4 and frame 5 down it will really give some time and space to your play maker to attack the zone. See More

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Basketball Play - Team USA - PNR Twist vs Zone

Team USA - PNR Twist vs Zone

Matt Wheeler 09/11/2019

Team USA used multiple strategies to try to combat the zone defense that Turkey played throughout most of their World Cup game. In this play the two ball screens resulted in Kemba Walker (1) being matched up against a post player in the middle of Turkey's zone. On the first ball screen from 4, x1 fought through the screen to get back matched up with 1. 4 cut to the wing to occupy x2 and keep him from providing help on the second screen. When 1 dribbled off the screen from 5 to the middle of the floor, he was able to attack x5 one on one fand use his quickness advantage to get a basket. See video clip below. ----- Click here for more Team USA sets! See More

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