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Basketball Play - Post Figure 8 Drill

Post Figure 8 Drill

Kyle Gilreath 02/06/2014

This is a great drill that helps your post players improve on their footwork, hand-eye coordination, and finishing around the rim. Put 1 minute on the clock for this drill and have each player perform the drill 3 times. Elements to Emphasize: Staying low and wide Keeping hands up (goal post or H) Catch and score quickly See More

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Basketball Play - 3 Shots at 3 Spots

3 Shots at 3 Spots

Kyle Gilreath 12/30/2013

This past week while in Louisville for the King of the Bluegrass we were fortunate to watch NCAA Division 2 powerhouse Bellarmine University practice before taking off a few days for Christmas. Their practice was very impressive. The amount of energy and communication throughout the entire practice is exactly what our team needed to witness. This shooting drill is one they opened up practice with and allowed to get up a ton of shots in a short amount of period. The drill incorporates the 3 main spots on the floor (top of key and each corner) and 3 different shots at each spot. The line under the rim passes to the "spot" and then closes out to the ball, the player receives the pass and shot fakes before making a 1 or 2 dribble attack before passing to the 3rd spot. After passing (or shooting) follow your pass (shot) to the next line so each player performs each shot type at all 3 spots. I believe the goal of the drill was to score somewhere around 155 points; 3pt=3, 15 ft=2, lay-ups=1. Below are the shots that each player must perform at each spot: Corner 1 3 pointer Catch & rip 15 footer Catch & rip and finish at the rim/floater Top of the Key 3 pointer Catch & rip step-back 15 footer Catch & rip finish at the rim with a power lay-up / up and under Corner 2 3 pointer Catch & rip 15 footer Catch & rip and finish at the rim/floater Special thank you to Scott Davenport for allowing us to watch his practice. See More

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Basketball Play - Cone Handle Shots

Cone Handle Shots

Kyle Gilreath 07/24/2013

I love this drill because it works on several components of improvement all at once: Ball Handling: Force your players out of their comfort zone and to dribble lower and quicker each time, that is the only way to improve Footwork: Creating space and finishing with the least amount of dribbles Finishing Through/Over/Around the Defense: This drill consists of a multiple of different types of shots and finishes that are great to add to your players' repertoire. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

1-Hand Pass Follow Pick & Roll

Kyle Gilreath 07/19/2013

Teaching your players to effectively and efficiently pass with 1 hand will improve skills and power and become overall better passers. The key to this drill is teaching both passers how to catch the ball and obsorb the force into your hand like a spring and fire the pass back from the shoulder area. When setting the pick & roll/pop many coaches force their players to roll opening their chest up so they never turn their back to the ball. I like to give my players the option to roll either way depending on their comfort level. (turning over their low shoulder or opening up). I personally prefer the quick turn (instead of opening to the ball) because it is quicker and the screener can create more space more efficiently. If they choose to turn over their low shoulder make sure they do it quickly and snap their head around first to locate the ball. Today I had each player make 3 shots from each spot/move and then repeated the drill on the right side. See More

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Basketball Play - Creating Space Floaters / Hooks

Creating Space Floaters / Hooks

Kyle Gilreath 07/17/2013

This drill is just an extension of the Rim Finishes Drill I posted earlier today. This is a great series of moves that every player should add to their arsenal to work on to perfect. The ability to change direction and finish around the rim are key elements for players who want to play basketball at a high level. When I performed this drill I had each player make each finish 3 times before moving onto the next move. You can adjust this accordingly as you see fit. See More

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Basketball Play - Creating Space Rim Finishes

Creating Space Rim Finishes

Kyle Gilreath 07/17/2013

One problem many young players face and something the pro's have perfected, is the ability to create space by setting up your defender for a move. In this drill I taught our players to jab at the rim to get the defender off and then jab in another direction to get the defense to recover to a side. Once you get the defense to a side you can then make a move and attack. Utilizing coaches/managers with pads in areas where the player will experience contact enhances this drill to the fullest. The coach/manager on the ball try to slap at the arms/ball to teach your players to be strong with the ball when jabbing and ripping through for a move. See More

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