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Basketball Play - Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Purdue - Weave Horns Rip

Aseem Rastogi 03/19/2017

Coming out of halftime in their round of 32 matchup with Iowa State, Purdue ran this quick hitter for a layup. It starts with three players along the baseline (could start as 1-4 low if using as a quick hitter in half court offense, not off an inbounds) into horns using two dribble handoffs, and ends with a rip screen for a backdoor layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Kansas - SLOB Iverson Lob

Matt Wheeler 03/24/2017

Kansas finished off a run with this SLOB play in their sweet sixteen game against Purdue. 1 makes a zipper cut to receive the inbounds pass from 4. 4 makes an Iverson cut off of screens from 3 & 5. Once x4 curls over the top of 5, x5 has to provide help at the rim. In this play he didn't and 4 was able to get the lob dunk. Another key is 1 selling the Iverson cut for 4 by following him with the dribble. 1 cuts back before the cut to the rim to set up a better passing angle. See More

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Basketball Play - Purdue Drill

Purdue Drill

Matthew Monroe 07/04/2018

Players go 1 on 1 The defender must contain the ball handler for the length of half court If the ball handler beats the defender, he should pull back his dribble. The defender then would go back to guarding him. When the two players get to the end of half court, the defensive player goes to the end of the line. The offensive player switches to defense. Next in line becomes offense, and they go back the other way. See More

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