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Basketball Play - Miami Twins

Miami Twins

Kevin Bruinsma 07/12/2013

One of the most popular sets in the NBA that everyone runs is the basic horns set with a ball screen and pop. The Heat ran this to get #1 Chris bosh a wide open look in the NBA Finals. After setting a ball screen for #15 Chalmers he runs off the 5's flare screen who dives to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Kevin Bruinsma 06/18/2013

Although this set didn't result in a basket or even free throws it forced a great defensive effort from the Miami Heat to stop the Pacers from scoring. This action puts a lot of pressure on the defense as they have to guard a mis direction cut by the 2, then the stagger iverson action for #24 Paul George who everyone thinks the play is going to, a flare screen for #21 David West, and then finally a slip/dive to the rim by #55 Roy Hibbert. This set had some fantastic actions. See More

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Basketball Play - "Ear Pull" - Kansas High/Low Post Entry - Backscreen Lob

"Ear Pull" - Kansas High/Low Post Entry - Backscreen Lob

Bert DeSalvo 01/26/2013

Kansas ran this entry into offense against Texas at the 17:15 mark of the first half of their game on 1/19/13. Kansas usually runs a similar set with a backdoor, flare screen (for PG), then the posts double down for the opposite wing who point guard replaced off the flare. This "ear pull" was a variation on that set that Bill Self has had so much success with over the years at Kansas. If the lob is not there, this set can easily flow into KU's high/low offense See More

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Basketball Play - Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Luke Riegel 10/23/2012

This is a quick and easy set to run, yet it provides several scoring opportunities for the offense. If you have a talented PG that likes to play off ballscreens, this is a great set for him. The flare screen on the weak-side limits the defense's opportunity to help on the ballscreen and spaces the floor offensively. See More

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Basketball Play - Shell Defense Progressions

Shell Defense Progressions

Matt Hackenberg 12/09/2021

In this diagram and embedded video we go through all the phases of our shell defense for a full breakdown. I believe you will find at least one golden nugget to incorporate into your version of shell defense in here. We run a gap style of defense, but the structure of the drill will translate to any type of defense you may play. Visit my Sellfy store for detailed coaching materials written by me - Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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