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Basketball Play - Sideline Omaha

Sideline Omaha

NHSBCA NHSBCA 11/26/2012

1 screens for 2 to receive inbounds pass. 2 passes to 1 shaping up as 4 screens down for 3. 1 hits 3 on wing for shot. If 3 doesn't have the shot, 4 lane screens for 5 and 1 flare screens for 2. 3 can hit 2 for the shot. If the flare is not open, 3 looks to feed 5 in the post. 5 sets a side ball screen for 3. 3 can reject the screen and attack baseline (4 spaces to weak side corner) or use the screen (4 circles to ball side corner) and look for the roll or a shooter circling right. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler SLOB

Butler SLOB

Dana Beszczynski 11/20/2012

This is the SLOB ran last night by Brad Stevens and Butler down 70-67 against Marquette with .13 to play. The play used great misdirection in getting Clarke a clean look at a 3 which bounced off, but because of the great weak side rebounding position by Butler, they were able to tap in the rebound cutting the lead to 70-69. A very well designed set by from a timeout situation by the Butler Bulldogs and their great young Coach Brad Stevens. See More

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Basketball Play - '21'


Kyle Brown 10/23/2012

A set that has many scoring options. The first scoring option is 5 in the post off of 4's backscreen. Then you have your 2 man coming off of a flare to an open side. The play finishes with a ballscreen for 1. Depending on the ability of your players the ball screen could be a roll and replace action. See More

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Basketball Play - Shallow Cut into Double Flare

Shallow Cut into Double Flare

Kyle Brown 10/18/2012

A set that has a lot of options to score for the 3. 1st action is the double flare at the elbow. 1 man can slip this screen (guard to guard action) for an easy score. 5 really has to headhunt on this flare. The play can finish many different ways with ballscreen actions. If your 3 can create off a ballscreen then the throwback to 5 and the pass and follow could be really good. See More

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Basketball Play - Fade


Coach Czes 09/29/2012

1 passes to 2 and cuts to opposite corner. 4 steps to top of key. 4 cuts back door and 3 replaces at top. 2 dribbles at 3 and delivers pass. 5 sets a flare screen for 2. 3 hits 2 for the shot. 4 back screens for 1 as 5 rescreens for 2. 3 can hit 1 or 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Handoff Comeback

Handoff Comeback

Coach Czes 09/25/2012

3 starts to cut back door, then comes back to high post. 1 hits 3 while 4 replaces 3, then cuts off of 3 looking for a handoff. 3 kicks out to 2 on the wing who looks for 5 in the post. 1 turns around and comes back to screen for 3, who comes off that screen to lane screen for 5. 2 passes to 1 shaping up in high post and looks for 5 on the other side of 3's screen. 4 spaces to corner. 2 then flare screens for 3 while 5 back screens for 4. 1 can hit 3 or 4 for a shot. See More

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