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Basketball Play - Pacer 1-4 High Set

Pacer 1-4 High Set

Kevin Bruinsma 06/14/2013

This is a set the Indiana Pacers ran against the Miami Heat in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. Looking to get their marquee player, Paul George a isolated post/wing catch the Pacers sent #24 George to the opposite side of the court before coming back hard to the ball on the reversal for deep post position. If #24 George couldn't catch the ball deep he moved out to the mid-wing area for a catch. This is where Indiana ran a great alternative action to get an even deeper post touch. #50 Tyler Hansbrough after entering the ball to George comes down the lane and sets a screen for #55 Roy Hibbert right in the middle of the lane, who now gets a deep post catch right in the middle of the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Shot Shooting Drill

4 Shot Shooting Drill

Greg White 05/27/2013

This is a great shooting drill to use in your individula shooting workouts or if space permits to use as part of your team practice. The key is shooting at game speed from game spots. The 4 shots are: lay-up, elbow jumper. flare jumper and transition jumper. The footwork and speed of the drill make this a great drill to add to your workout. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook in Special

Hook in Special

Randy Brown 04/15/2013

This play will free 4 man in the lane for a quick score. 1 dribbles out to wing and 2 uses 5 to get free for three. 4 screens across lane for 3. As screen is set, 4 turns over left shoulder to catch quick pass from 1. Timing is crucial to make this play happen. Give it a try! See More

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