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Basketball Play - Minnesota Gophers - Pin Down Flare PNR

Minnesota Gophers - Pin Down Flare PNR

Andy Stark 04/10/2018

This play by Richard Pitino is a great misdirection set. It really tries to test the defensive team on the backside of the flare screen coverage. If the flare screen support is too much, defenders will be late on ball screen support. This became a money play with Minnesota down the stretch. The big that sets the ball screen can also slip it. If the defensive team stunts at the ball screen too hard, it is best to have a best shooter (3) on the strong side of the ball screen (the player who just came off the flare). On the FMS blog: AP Top 25 XsOs See More

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Basketball Play - Loyola-Chicago - Chin Stagger DHO

Loyola-Chicago - Chin Stagger DHO

Matt Wheeler 03/30/2018

Loyola-Chicago uses this play to shift the defense from one side of the floor to the other by allowing the ball to touch a different side of the floor at least four times during a given possession. Each time the ball switches sides of the floor, defensive players on the weak side of the floor have to sprint into help. When the ball gets back on their side of the floor, they then have to close out to contain the ball. Forcing the defense to move and make continual closeouts usually results in defensive breakdowns. This is how the Ramblers are able to attack the paint and get open shots. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear

Michigan Wolverines - Dive Wing Clear

Dave Nedbalek 03/26/2018

John Beilein's Two Guard offense is full of beautiful action and full of endless possibilities. You really need a dynamic 5 man who can shoot and force the defense to spread. This is a simple misdirection action to create a double driving gap. We are using this more and more since the way the game is officiated, and the rules are designed guarding the ball one on one with space for them to create is one of the hardest things to do defensively. If you are interested in learning more of the Two Guard offense, and getting a TON of quick hitters out of it I recommend Tom Jicha's dvd from Championship Productions. Ironically, I have never watched Beilein himself teach this, but we play several teams that run this offense and when run correctly with a big that can stretch the floor you are in for a long night defensively. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Cougars - Horns Elbow Brush ISO

Houston Cougars - Horns Elbow Brush ISO

Dave Nedbalek 03/21/2018

The University of Houston runs an incredibly effective offense. This set is designed to get a mismatch and the ball in space with shooters surrounding him. Michigan switched this defensively, which for most teams in the country a 1 to 5 or 1 to 4 ball screen would present serious mismatch problems. If defense does not switch, there is either a layup, three, or long closeout to be had. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Bruins - Baseline Runner (Zone)

UCLA Bruins - Baseline Runner (Zone)

Matt Wheeler 03/14/2018

UCLA ran this concept-based zone offense in their First Four matchup against St. Bonaventure, putting their best player (1) on the baseline and giving him different options to cut behind the zone. When the ball gets to a side one of the post players cuts to the high post and the other one stays low. This overloads the offense, putting 4 offensive players against 3 defensive players in the zone. When the ball is reversed up top, 1 has options to run the baseline or flash to the high post. If 1 receives the ball in the high post, 4 and 5 seal their defenders looking for a pass to the rim. 2 and 3 flatten out to the wings to create a better passing angle for a kickout three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors Double Drag

Golden State Warriors Double Drag

Adam Spinella 05/22/2017

Golden State is a great defensive team, so they get to attack on offense multiple times per game before a defense gets set. When Curry has true post players surrounding him, the Warriors will often run into Double Drag, a double-high ball screen action that strikes before a defense can properly get into position. Because of the spacing of shooters in the corners and the attention Steph receives in ball screens, the rim is often left unguarded. See More

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