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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish C2E Explosive D and Wing Curl Options

Dr. Dish C2E Explosive D and Wing Curl Options

Rick Allison 12/10/2015

These movement sequences combine an emphasis on lateral defensive quickness and wing curl shooting options with precise footwork. Each sequence results in a different movement pattern and shot, but builds on an attack counter strategy. This is certainly a technique development drill, but can be modified to add an antagonist to provide initial cue for defensive acceleration direction, and then rotational closeout context on the curl. Dr. Dish can be set with a tempo long enough for the option which requires the most time and shooter can machine gun feet until Dr. Dish passes the ball to start each option sequence. Or, if coach is passer then the Dr. Dish remote can be used. If used for technique development, the sequences should be performed on both sides of the basket, either alternately or repeating the 6 sequences on the opposite side. See More

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