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Basketball Play - Horns Flare

Horns Flare

Lucas Shapiro 02/24/2016

This is a great end-of-game set to get the ball to your playmaker. I stole this from Tim Floyd at UTEP after seeing them run it against Western Kentucky (2/6/16). UTEP plays small and has their best play-maker (Lee Moore, who is truly a guard) playing the 4. Ideally on this set you would like your play-maker to be switched onto by the other team's 5 man. See More

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Basketball Play - Maryland - Flash Fist

Maryland - Flash Fist

Timothy Hipps 03/17/2017

Out of a 3 out 2 in set, the ball is swung to one side and the weak side big fades to the strong corner. The ball is returned to the top where the ball side big flashes middle. The ball is swung back to the strong side where the flash sets a ball screen, the ready shooters rotate to allow space. The corner big replaces the ballhandler's position. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah State Stagger Slip

Utah State Stagger Slip

Wes Kosel 08/03/2015

1 dribbles right as 2 and 3 exchange wings. 1 passes to 3 then exchanges spots with 2 on the weak side. 4 moves towards 3 and makes a slip to the rim. 5 follows to set a ball-screen. If 3 uses the ball-screen, 5 rolls, 4 slides to the left block, and 1 drops to the corner. See More

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