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Basketball Play - Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Devil (Zone Offense - Set)

Sebastian Wild 07/13/2014

-PG passes to wing -4 steps out to ball side corner -Wing passes to 4 (forward) -Ball side wing screens top of the zone -1replaces wing -4 kicks back to PG -Opposite forward screens the back of the zone -PG looks for the opposite wing for the shot -If the PG does not skip the ball, 4 screens the outside of the zone for 2 to cut through to the ball-side corner -Opposite forward ducks in or flashes -Ball side forward posts/seals deep See More

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Basketball Play - ZONE OFFENSE - QUICK 3


Jens Hakanowitz 05/23/2014

This zone offense works against a 2-3 zone and creates a quick open look from the 3 point line. Your best shooter has to play the 2 position. Almost at the same time, the big man (4) and the guard (3) have to start. A strong drive by the point guard (1) is necessary to draw the help. A perfect timing is crucial for the outcome of this play. See More

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Basketball Play - Connecticut Sun Zone Offense

Connecticut Sun Zone Offense

Daniel Murphy 04/22/2013

This play was run by the Connecticut Sun in the 20012 season. It's a great set against a 2-3 to get your playmaker some space on the wing to shoot or drive against the zone. If you can get the timing of frame 4 and frame 5 down it will really give some time and space to your play maker to attack the zone. See More

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