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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies WCF Offensive Sets

Memphis Grizzlies WCF Offensive Sets

Kevin Bruinsma 05/30/2013

I figured with so many people doing one set and one drawing, I wanted to offer something different. After reviewing all four games of the Western Conference Finals between the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs I looked at actions that were successful and one's that didn't have quite as much success. I started with the Memphis Grizzlies. The play diagrams below are drawn for multiple plays with the play name titled directly on top of the court frame. These play diagrams are in order with the video you can find here: This way you can view the video and look at the play diagrams while the video is running. I hope you enjoy looking at the Memphis Grizzlies WCF Playbook. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper 3

Zipper 3

John Leonzo 05/29/2013

Here is a zipper set that is run to get the ball in the hands of your best decision maker (1 in this play) and gives you plenty of scoring oppertunities. The spurs run a variation of this play with much success by putting Parker at the 1. Ginobli at the 2 (who can get a 3 on the extra pass from 3) and Danny Green at the 3. The skills of these players puts a lot of stress on the defense and makes this quick hitter hard to guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Punch

Zipper Punch

Kyle Gilreath 05/29/2013

The indiana Pacers have run this zipper into a pick & roll action throughout the 2012 NBA Playoffs. The last few games versus the Miami Heat it has become a staple of their offense and has been one of their go-to plays to get Hibbert the ball rolling to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Special

Zipper Special

John Leonzo 05/04/2013

Here is a set that is run often by the San Antonio Spurs. This play is great to because it gives Tony Parker the opportunity to create off a ball screen, an option for DeJuan Blair rolling into the post, and an option for a 3 pointer from Danny Green while his man is giving help on either the roll or the post flash. See More

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