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Basketball Play - Illini Fastbreak Game

Illini Fastbreak Game

Joel Hueser 10/04/2016

Illini Break is a competitive, team transition drill. The offense has the advantage and gets to play fast. Forcing the defense to get back with a high sense of urgency. We want to always fastbreak on defense. But first, we must emphasize our offensive board coverage (OBC). Then, if we do not secure the offensive rebound, all five players must get into the habit of always sprinting back. We consider your first three steps “out of the gate” as the most important. Guarding the basket is our number one priority and then stopping the ball. Once back, all five defenders need to establish ball side and help side position. This drill demands that, and more. Get ahead of the ball! No back pedaling, buddy running (remaining side by side with your match-up) and/or pouting after a missed shot or turnover. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 Get Back

3 on 3 Get Back

FastModel Sports 06/17/2016

"This drill comes from Coach Jim Boone, the Head Coach at Delta State and is called the 3 on 3 Get Back Drill. We have some teams in our conference that do a fantastic job of pushing the ball up the floor, even after made baskets. This drill teaches our guys to do this- we call it “fast break makes”. It also teaches the importance of transition defense and stopping the basketball. We keep score and go live for a set amount of time with a consequence for the team that doesn’t win." Coach Brett Campbell St. Charles Spartans Boys Basketball See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch Up

Pitch Up

FastModel Sports 04/15/2015

1 pitches the ball up the court to the 2, only this time instead of shallow cutting he cuts diagonal on a straight line to the weak side block. As the ball is reverse from the 2 to the trailing 4 man the 3 pops out to receive the ball. Now instead of block-to-block action the 1 sets and Up screen for the 4 man who cuts hard to the strong side block. The first look is to the 4 and this is great action to get the 4 man into the post early and off of action that has great movement and is not stagnant. The better the screen set by the 1, the more his defender has to help and bump the cutting 4. This opens the 1 up at the top of the key for a pass from the 3. In the name of quick and consecutive action as the pass goes to the 1, the 5 sprints to set a Middle PNR for the 1. The 4 can replace up to the slot or space to the duck in area. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch Slice

Pitch Slice

FastModel Sports 04/15/2015

1 pitches the ball ahead and again the 2 looks to reverse the ball to the trailing 4 man. The difference is that after the 1 hits the 2 (or goes DHO with the 2) the 1 fills the strong side corner. The 4 will then reverse the ball to the 3 on the weak side. The 5 then steps to set a screen on the 2 for the slice cut (a great opportunity to post a strong guard). After setting the screen for the 2 and after reversing the ball to the 3, the 5 and 4 then set a double staggered screen for the 1 and wheel action is initiated. As the 1 receives the pass, the 5 and 4 continue to screen the 2 who looks for the shot off the second double staggered. To close the play the 4 cross screens for the 5 and post up action can ensue or an SPNR. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch Cross

Pitch Cross

FastModel Sports 04/15/2015

Pitch Cross provides a plethora of options that can be reads or calls depending on how your players progress. The basic look involves the 1 pitching the ball ahead to the 2 on the wing. The first look is always straight to the post for a quick bucket. If that is not available the 2 will then reverse the ball to the 4 who is trailing the play (usually due to taking the ball inbounds). After kicking the ball ahead the 1 shallow cuts and pops to receive the ball on the 2nd side wing. The 3 who ran the weak side wing settles at the block for a post up opportunity. If one does not present itself, the 3 then initiates cross screen down screen action by screening for the 5 who looks to post and receiving a down screen from the 4. The looks are to the post, to the shooter and if nothing presents itself whatever your motion principles are can kick in. For instance, if the ball hits the post and cutters dive and clear opposite ball reversal back to the 1 can initiate SPNR on the 3rd side. The same goes for a reversal to the 3 who doesn't have a shot. The 3 can then swing back to the 2 and again initiate SPNR action. See More

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Basketball Play - Three Lane Fly

Three Lane Fly

Alan Peel 11/13/2014

This is a drill designed to help build a transition offense and to condition through practice. For this drill, dribbling and traveling are prohibited while only lay-ups are permitted. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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