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Basketball Play - Slice Read Option

Slice Read Option

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

Last season in Cleveland, Byron Scott ran this play so he could get Kyrie coming off a re-screen action and to let Dion Waiters have the chance to work in isolation at the top of the key. When the Cavs would go small and put Wayne Ellington at the 3, defenses would have a tough time chasing their shooters off the perimeter and wrestling in the post against Thompson and Speights. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Adam Spinella 07/19/2013

This Sideline out of Bounds play was run by the Utah Jazz under the leadership of Jerry Sloan. Sloan used a handoff/ downscreen curl simultaneously to get the ball into a cutting big man, who would usually get to the free throw line as a result of this play. There are many options for a layup or a shot in a very brief amount of action; all around one of the better side-out plays I've seen. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Side EOG

Quick Side EOG

Kyle Gilreath 07/10/2013

With .6 seconds left during game 3 of the NBA Summer League, the Brooklyn Nets ran this sideline out of bounds play to try and win the 4th quarter and secure a point. Considering the lights went out previous to this play, the Nets did a great job executing this play and hit a 3-pointer. Unfortunately, time expired before the shot got off. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Late Clock 3/4 Court

Spurs Late Clock 3/4 Court

Kevin Bruinsma 07/04/2013

Here is the set the San Antonio Spurs ran in Game 5 against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Having only 5 seconds to go 3/4 court on the sideline the Spurs went with a small line up. They put #9 Tony Parker at midcourt, and had #14 Gary Neal run off him first, and then #20 Manu Ginobili. With him setting two screens he was able to pop back to the ball and have a full court iso. See More

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Basketball Play - Box


Kyle Gilreath 07/03/2013

This is an excellent sideline out of bounds misdirection that I put in towards the end of the season last year with my Junior Varsity team. If 2 does a great job selling like he wants to pass to 1, and 4 sets a great screen, there is a good chance 3 will be open for a quick score! See More

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