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Basketball Play - Wide PNR w/ pindown

Wide PNR w/ pindown

Kyle Brown 10/01/2012

A good wrinkle with a lot of action. The corner downscreen stretches the defense, and the downscreen for a shooter will occupy backside help. One of the best with this action (ballscreen & downscreen) is Williams College. They really drill this concept and then have certain reads to make out of the next pass. One of their favorite actions is to then have the person who set the ballscreen turn and flare in for the 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive


Rich Czeslawski 08/10/2012

If one can not reverse to 5 he dribbles hard at him. 5 goes backdoor, then to ball side corner. 1 hits 3. On the pass, 4 sprints to ball screen 3. 3 comes off 4's ball screen and looks to attack the lane. 1 and 2 drift to wing and corner, ready for shots as their defender's help. See More

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Basketball Play - Away


Rich Czeslawski 08/10/2012

On Away, 1 advances the ball to the 2. He will then begin to cut away from the ball. As 4 fills the spot vacated by 1, 2 reverses the ball to 4. 5 screens away for 3. 3 must take his man low and flex cut HIGH over the 5. As soon a 3 cuts over 5, 5 ducks back into the middle of the lane. The primary look on this play is the 5 as he ducks in. 3 should get the ball if open first. If 5 is not open on the duck in, 2 should screen in for 3. 4 then passes the ball to 3 on the wing. 2 screens across the lane for 5. 3's first look is to 5 in the post. After 2 screens acroos for 5, 1 and the 4 set a staggered double screen for 2. 3 should then look to 2 for the three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Regular


Rich Czeslawski 08/07/2012

In our initial secondary break, 1 chooses to run the right or left lane line and looks to advance the ball down the floor to the 2 or 3 for an easy layup. If 2 or 3 are not open, 1 should look to the post (4 or 5) who has run to the front of the rim. If the ball cannot be entered there, 1 will reverse to the trail post (4 or 5) who immediately reverses the ball to 3. Once the 3 has the ball, he looks to feed the post for a layup. If that is not available, 3 reverses the ball to the 2 who has come off a staggered double screen by 1 and 4. 2 is looking for the three point scoring opportunity. If 2 does not shoot the three point shot, 4 may step out for ball reversal or set a downscreen for 1 which will get us into the majority of our offensive sets/series that we run. With 1 now in possession of the ball, we are able to go to our motion, flex, or fist series' as well as any of our specials. In this diagram, we will run 2 through to the right side and be able to run any of our specials from a 1-4 high set. See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina


Rich Czeslawski 06/27/2012

On our "Carolina" secondary break, we want to reverse the ball from 1 to 4 to 3 as quickly as possible, just as we have done in our "Regular" break. 3 still looks to feed the post - 5. However, instead of the 2 coming off the staggered double screen as he does on our "Regular" break, he will come up and set a backpick on 4's man. 5 must post up hard, wanting the ball. 1 must cut up high to the ball side to pull his defender away from help. If 4 is not open for the backpick lob, 3 should look immediately to 2 at the elbow. As 2 catches at the elbow, 4 should screen across the lane for 5, who MUST come underneath 4's screen. 2 looks to 5 on the weak block or back to the screener - 4, who screens and steps to the ball. If 2 is unable to pass the ball to 5 or 4, he can simply pass the ball to 1 and move to the right wing to create floor balance and we can begin our offensive possession from there. See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina Flare

Carolina Flare

Rich Czeslawski 06/07/2012

Carolina Flare begins the same way as Carolina. 1 reverses to 4 who reverses to 3. 5 posts up above the ball side block. 2 sets up his backpick by moving to the weak block. 4 cuts off 2's backpick to the weak block. If he is open, 3 should "shoot" him the ball. If we need the three, 3 will not pass the ball. On 3's dribble to the top of the key, 5 will come up and set a flare screen for 2. 2 reads his defender and flares to the wing for the three point shot. 3 passes to 2 for the three point shot. 5 can slip to the basket for a layup if x5 helps on 2. Or 5 can screen away for the 4 to create our high - low motion action. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC


Dana Beszczynski 11/23/2015

This is a very nice set play out of their Secondary Offense. Beginning with a down screen releasing the wing outside for the pass, he immediately looks inside for a post-up situation. On the weak side, a double stagger is being set for the shooter who comes off looking for a possible catch & shoot action out of the post-up. UNC does a very good job running their Secondary actions and this is just one of the gems you can use in your offense at any level. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas Secondary

Texas Secondary

Dana Beszczynski 01/23/2014

This Texas Seconary Action was run by the Longhorns against Kansas State. There is a lot of ball screening action in this set, plus the use of the stagger early on gives the offense a chance for an early shot. Rick Barnes has done a masterful job rebuilding the Longhorns offense this year and this set shows the number of options which can ben executed in a Secondary Offense. See More

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