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Basketball Play - Indiana Hoosiers - Flip Shuffle STS

Indiana Hoosiers - Flip Shuffle STS

Dustin Cooper 10/04/2018

This is great quick hitter used after a timeout by Coach Archie Miller. I like this set because it uses some false motion followed with a screen the screener action that really puts pressure on the defense to communicate. As seen in the video clip below, the defenders do not switch correctly which leads to a wide open three. TIPS: Coaches incorporate false motion combined with STS actions! Give the defense a "dummy" look before entering your STS look. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch STS

Pitch STS

Evan Orzolek 07/20/2017

Screen the screener set by Brose Bamberg. Important to have the timing down of the cross screen and the pitch back to 1. Flows into spread pick and roll if there is no initial scoring opportunity presented with the screen the screener action. See More

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