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Basketball Play - Single/Double with Flash

Single/Double with Flash

Basketball HQ 09/17/2012

The goal of this play is to get a shot off the screens for the shooters or a a back door layup for the wing after the big man catches it in the high post. But as you can see in the video those options were covered, but because they were ran well the big man’s defender had to help off and this allowed a good hand off back to the PG for a shot. Don’t let your players be robots teach them how to read and react in every play. Hit someone on a good screen, the cutter that is ball side needs to set his man up to back door him, if the big man hands the ball off he needs to dribble at the PG’s defender and try to seal him under. This play is from the 2007-2008 Chicago Bulls season. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick and Pick Offense

Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 09/06/2012

The Pick and Pick Offense is a creation of adding ball screens and additional screens while using the layers established by the Read and React Offense. It is an offensive system I feel can be used as a continuity or a set play. Learn more about it at See More

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