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Basketball Play - Stack


Justin Scanson 12/15/2016

This zone offense quick hitter is designed to create a quick overload situation putting the defense in a difficult position. It is hard for most zone defenses to have the bottom defender guard the opposite corner. This play requires that they do exactly that, otherwise give up an open 3 or 1 on 1postup on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - Box Pin Stagger/Dive

Loyola Chicago - Box Pin Stagger/Dive

Dave Nedbalek 10/31/2018

This set isnt run smoothly in the clip attached but again, you can see the action setup. The backdoor cut to finish the set isnt run very intentionally here but I think is a great counter with all of the fixation on the shooter coming off of the stagger and the help being occupied with that. More on the FMS blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs Click to view all plays by Coach Dave Nedbalek! See More

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