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Basketball Play - Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy: Spain SPNR Counter

Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy: Spain SPNR Counter

Dave Nedbalek 08/26/2018

This is a counter from the base action I diagramed entitled, "Toledo Horns Floppy." This is a very simple yet effective counter you can run with this set. The vide below is not of this set itselft, but the base Horns Floppy action. As 2 comes off of 5's floppy screen, 4 will hit 2 and sprint straight into a side pick and roll. 2 will hunt the nail pulling the ball two bounces away from the screen looking to get in the paint with a scoring mindset first. As 4 rolls to the rim 5 will set a back screen on the defender in ball screen coverage. I worded that carefully to account for the likelihood of a switch. Screen the defender that is in ball screen coverage. After setting the back screen, 5 will pop to recover spacing/get outside of the 3pt line. This is a deadly action if you have a 5 who can step out and shoot it. 2's reads: 1) score 2) Lob/pass to 4 rolling 3) 5 popping It goes without saying that if the weak side defense hugs in, then 2 would kickout to 1, or 3 holding the side ready to shoot. Click here for more plays by Dave Nedbalek! See More

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Basketball Play - Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy

Toledo Rockets - Horns Floppy

Dave Nedbalek 08/26/2018

The University of Toledo men's team runs some phenomenal action under Head Coach Tod Kowalczyk. They are one of the most "set-driven" teams in the country. Out of 1,640 FGA in the 2017-2018 season, only 196 were in transition. This diagram isn't 100% accurate to the formation/timing of the video clip below, but you can easlily see where my adaptations come from. I generally like to allow clips or actions to get my creativity flowing. When I see initial action that I really like, I will often build a 'series' of sets around that particular action. Check out my counters of this action: Horns Floppy: Spain PNR Counter Horns Floppy: Double Stagger Counter This is a great set with some very quick decisions to be made by the defense. As you can see the end of result of this set is not a basket, and to be honest it isn't particulary great execution or spacing, but you can most certainly see the potential of this set. I am a huge fan of the floppy action, not so much for the guard coming off, but for the great sealing position the screener should be in. These are great opportunities to screen with bigger guards that can exploit mismatches as well. Click here for more plays by Dave Nedbalek! See More

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Basketball Play - PG Post Up

PG Post Up

Randy Sherman 07/13/2018

"Sometimes your best 'post' is not a 'post' at all..." This #EarlyOffense option flows out of a DHO and gets a guard cutting into the post area. Player 1 can facilitate or score from this area after establishing T-Post Position. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Stagger Utah

5 Stagger Utah

KJ Smith 07/09/2018

1 dribbles to the wing and looks for a backdoor cut from 3. 3 sets a backscreen for 5 to post up and get the ball from 1. Upon post entry, 3 sets a backscreen for 1 who sets a crl screen for 2. 1 will sprint off of a screen by 3. See More

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