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Basketball Play - BCAM - Matt Bollant Buzz Defensive Principles Guards & Wings

BCAM - Matt Bollant Buzz Defensive Principles Guards & Wings

Dennis Hopkins 10/23/2015

Formation: 1. 1 & 2 play in the passing lanes to force a bounce or lob pass. 2. 3 & 4 set up with there back to the corner. 3. If 3 or 4 are covering the low post or baseline runner on drop to the basket as far as necessary. 4. 5 denys any high post pass. Go as high as needed. 5. 5 is not responsible for lobs over the top to the basket. Guards: 1. Play the passing lanes to the wing. 2. Fake traps and drop into passing lanes. 3. On a pass to the wing, 2 turns to play the passing lane. 4. On the pass to the wing, 1 covers the high post on the high side only going as deep as necessary. Guards: 1. On the pass back to point, 1 loops back to original spot. 2. 2 turns to play the passing lane. ** 1 must resist running to the ball and run to the passing lane. Guards: On a pass to corner from the wing all players must shift hard. 1. 1 drops to cover the weakside lane. 2. 2 covers the high post. Players read the shoulders to try and determine and prepair for the next pass. 3. On a pass back to the wing 2 would slow the ball and 1 would recover to the high post. Forwards: 1. The position themselves with their backs to the corner splitting the players of the wing and post. 2. 3 & 4 must steal lob passes from the top. 3. The deeper the ball is on the floor by the point guard the deeper the forwards must be to the low post. Forwards: 1. On a pass to the wing the strongside forward positions himself in line within the passing lane to the corner. 2. The weakside forward moves to the baseline to take any lobs to the low post. 3. The weakside forward must also be ready for the skip pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Arkansas Zipper Stagger

Wes Kosel 09/20/2015

1 dribbles right as 3 cuts off of a staggered zipper screen from 5 and 4. 1 passes to 3 then flares to the corner off of a screen from 2. 5 screens for 4 who cuts to the left wing. If neither 1 or 4 are open for a shot, 3 passes to 2 stepping to the ball. 3 screens away and 5 posts up. Once 4 gets the ball at the top of the key, 2 follows the pass and sets a small on big high ball-screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip


Cody Toppert 09/18/2015

While there is a plethora of calls and reads you can work off of, if you are trying to run Push / C-Game as a motion you may want to limit weak side elbow action to one or two things. In this case we will review RIP, which is a rip screen into a flex look. The 1 hits the 4 at the elbow, then the 5 sets the rip screen for the 1 who cuts to the basket and then sprints opposite to set the flex screen for the 3 in the corner. After receiving the ball at the wing the 4 hits the 5 (big to big) and then sets the down screen on the 1 to complete the flex action. The 5 can hit the 3 on the flex cut, the 1 on the pin down or go DHO with the 1 as well. If he “checks down” and nothing is open DHO with the 2 is also an option. See More

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Basketball Play - UAB Blazer Box

UAB Blazer Box

Wes Kosel 08/06/2015

3 cuts to the right wing off of a screen from 4. At the same time, 5 moves down to the block and 2 moves to the left wing. 1 passes to 2 then cuts off of a flare-screen from 4. If 1 isn't open, 2 dribbles towards the top of the key then looks to pass to 1 on the wing. 2 clears out and 4 sets a ball-screen for 1. If 5 gets the ball flashing high, he looks to give the ball to 2 on a dribble hand-off in the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook


Jacob Collins 08/03/2015

Coaches, in my posts you will find me talking about getting your best players the ball a lot. I think it is very important to a teams success that the best players get the most looks and the best looks possible. Sometimes, you also have to get your opponents off balance. I have found the following play successful over the past few seasons, but it seems to me that the more unexpected it is the better. This is a fantastic play to get your trail big an easy bucket. See More

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Basketball Play - Towson Horns #1

Towson Horns #1

Wes Kosel 08/02/2015

1 dribbles right off of a ball-screen from 4. 4 rolls to the basket and 5 pops. If 4 isn't open, 1 passes to 5 who looks to shoot or swing the ball to 3. Once 3 has the ball, 5 cuts to the corner and 4 sprints up to set a ball-screen on the wing. See More

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