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Basketball Play - Run Out Shooting 1v1

Run Out Shooting 1v1

Michael Shaughnessy 08/27/2018

Having players that can knock down shots is obviously a huge advantage for any team. The more players a team has that are high percentage shooters, the better that team will be on the offensive end of the floor. It's not just about making the shots when they are wide open, but also being able to make shots without being distracted by a defender attempting to run a shooter off the 3pt line. This drill is a great way to add that defensive element to make your shooting drills more game-like for players. Emphasize focus on the basket and not thinking twice with a defender closing out. Give it a try! Check out Mike's #FastModelTakeover Twitter Moment for an inside look at the life of a pro skills trainer and some awesome player development content! See More

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Basketball Play - Slovenia - Weak DHO Spain PNR

Slovenia - Weak DHO Spain PNR

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 08/11/2018

Slovenia Coach Radovan Trifunovic runs this Spain PNR action out of a similar set to Spurs Motion Weak. The play is based around the PG giving the ball up then getting it back after a reversal and a down screen, then running straight from DHo with 4 into Spain PNR. On the FMS Blog: The Evolution of Spain PNR in International Basketball See More

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Basketball Play - Circle Shooting Jumpstops

Circle Shooting Jumpstops

Joel Hueser 07/02/2018

Circle Shooting Jumpstops is the perfect drill to teach and emphasize the two-foot jumpstop and finishing strong in the paint. We like to piggy-back this drill with Circle Shooting. It is slightly more advanced, but very complimentary in building great footwork. Blog Post: Scoring Made Simple - 3 Easy and Effective Shots to Practice See More

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