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Basketball Play - Rick Pitino Louisville Cardinals 2-1-2 Offense - Double Back-Screen

Rick Pitino Louisville Cardinals 2-1-2 Offense - Double Back-Screen

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Rick Pitino believes in ball movement and spacing. His Lousiville Cardinal offense will change based on the available talent. If it's a good passing team then they will have more motion. He thinks that an effective coach will be prepared both offensively and defensively. Coach Rick Pitino thinks that you should improve your players and help them reach their potential. The big thing is that you have to understand how to win and lose..... plus understand team chemistry. If you really like Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinal Offense then you need to check out our website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play

David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play

Scott Peterman 02/19/2015

David Blatt been around the Israeli and Euroleague basketball circuit. Including coaching for Maccabi Tel Aviv (they de bezt, alweyz de bezt) and the Russian National Team (Kirilenko, Mozgov, Shved). He coached Anthony Parker back into the NBA. Names don't exactly get the point across, but let it be known, that he has coached winning teams, almost exclusively. And thats the point of the game. From what I can gather Blatt's teams run a lot through a horns offense. Which, if you don't know, puts two guys- one on either- high post (witch's nipple), two guys in opposite corner/wings and starts with the ball handler at the top of the key. It is not a triangle offense, but it does revolve around cerebral players creating space with passing, smart cutting and good footwork. Certainly a proprietor of the Triangle has respect for this, a verySpurs-y set of offensive goals. Everybody needs touches to make this kitten purr. Everyone needs to fill the open spaces that relate to their skill set, and everyone must become a threat when they have the ball. You can check out other David Blatt Plays at Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Lob Play

UNC Lob Play

Adam Spinella 02/19/2015

Today's Play of the Day is one of the classic lob plays against a zone. Run by great programs like Cincinnati and North Carolina time and time again, the offense lulls the zone to sleep with perimeter passing, then strikes for a lob with two back screens on the bottom of the zone. That frees up the lob on the opposite side, and a well-thrown pass will break down the zone. See More

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Basketball Play - Green Bay Roll & Replace Backdoor

Green Bay Roll & Replace Backdoor

Kevin Bruinsma 01/29/2015

Before you break down this play's design you need to understand the motive and validity of the action. Green Bay's best player is #24 Keifer Sykes. Most likely #24 Sykes will be playing in the pros next year after he wins Horizon League Player of the Year. Because of his abilities he is always over played in attempt to deny him the ball, especially a team like Detroit that thrives on pressure and getting into passing lanes. Because of that this play was so effective. By placing the 5 man on the perimeter they removed Detroit's big from the back side help, and by rolling and replacing they delayed the help side. I also like how they used their three man #4 Fouse as the passer knowing he needed to dribble and make a good pass to #24 Sykes. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

Drew Hanlen 10/09/2014

This is a drill from my Team Toughness Drill Book. You can get a copy of the complete drill book at This drill is great for post players because it works on the following: -Establishing position -Scoring if you get a deep catch -Reading the nail defender -Escaping double teams -Passing out of traps -Flashing from weak-to-strong side -Scoring in a 1v1 situation See More

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Basketball Play - PRICELESS


Marc Skelton 07/27/2014

This has been called "The Beautiful Play". The Spurs ran this at the end of the 3rd quarter in Game 6 of the WCF at OKC. The Spurs are winning 72-69 and have possession after a great steal and hustle play by Patty Mills. Coach Popovich calls the play. Manu gets the guys in the right position and waits the clock out. Around 7 seconds left on the clock Duncan sprints to screen Fisher. Manu dribbles left and hits Mills. Mills fires to Duncan. Duncan hits Boris in the corner for a three as the shot clock expires. The Spurs would go on to win Game 6 in overtime. This play includes end of quarter situations, communication, first class passing, and they did it on the road. Beautiful. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 on 1 Triangle Fast Break

2 on 1 Triangle Fast Break

Kyle Gilreath 05/29/2014

Following drill was a part of a skill packet we mailed out to coaches when I was at the University of Florida. Two offensive players start 2-3 feet outside of the lane along the baseline. Start the defensive player at the free-throw line. Drill starts with a coach holding a ball around the free-throw line area, and passing it to one of the offensive players. Once the ball is passed, the defensive player should immediately turn and sprint to half-court and get down in a defensive stance with active hands. The offensive players should remain 2-3 feet outside of the lane as they attack the other end. They should not be too wide, so the defense can recover, and not be too close, so the defense is able to cover both players. The offensive player with the ball should not pass the ball until the defense totally commits to him (bounce pass for lay-up). If the defense does not commit, shoot a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Euro Slice

Euro Slice

Randy Brown 05/11/2014

This play starts with an up cut by 2 using 4-5 screens. Ball reversed to 3 and 1 cuts over top of 4-5 double screen. 1 doubles back to cross screen for 4 as 5 flare screens for 2. 3 has two passing options: pass to 4 inside or 2 on the three point line on right wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Bulldog Lob

Bulldog Lob

Randy Brown 05/11/2014

This play features an on ball screen followed by back screen lob action. 1 enters to 3 and screens for 5. 3 drives off 5's on ball screen to the middle of the floor. 4 immediately back screens for 5 for lob at the basket. This is a quick hitting play that requires timing and good passing. See More

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Basketball Play - ATL Horns Cross

ATL Horns Cross

Daniel Murphy 04/27/2014

Atlanta stole a layup on this play against the Pacers in Game 4. A vareity of actions can be run out of a high post entry in the Horns set, but the fundamentals of cutting and passing can never be underestimated as illustrated by this give and go. See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Offense

Transition Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/24/2014

The Bruins of Belmont have a line-up which is extremely hard to guard. With dangerous weapons on the perimeter, guarding them requires a lot of planning and a good strategy. This set shows a lot of movement and if the defense switches the FT line screen, it sets up an open 3 pt shot, inside pass or open side penetration depending on who's handling the ball. In this situation, Windler the leading 3 pt shooter in the Conference gets a wide open shot made possible by the quick passing of the Bruins in their half court offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Murray State Offense

Murray State Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/13/2014

Murray State Head Coach Steve Prohm has taken the Racers to a 65-20 record entering his 3rd season at the helm. He is the fastest Coach in Racer history to reach 60 wins. This set play run in their MVC match-up against Belmont uses good spacing and ends with multiple passing options. The Racers are an exciting team to watch with Freshman PG Cameron Payne taking over the team. He is an explosive guard and does a good job reading the defense and getting everyone involved in the offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Option #2

Box Option #2

Randy Brown 02/08/2014

This basic box alignment can lead to multiple scoring options. Option #2 is designed to clear the right side of the floor for 2. The key is 4's pass fake to 1 before passing to 2 on right wing. Immediately on the catch, 2 puts it on the floor to the basket. See More

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